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Bought a car last week. Quick and great service.

Sammy K

in the last week

My wife and I went here for a car. At first we had a few cars in mind, but a hatchback with automatic transmission topped the list, and is not an easy combo to find. The wife did all the right research before going.(as anyone should do before buying a car). When we arrived we felt slightly bombarded by salesman's boast on their reviews and guarantees. I just wanted to get to the cars lol. The salesman seemed slightly rattled and could not find a hatchback with automatic transmission but he was very excited and entertaining. We decided to come back another day when we had more time. We come back 2 days later because we had a good feeling about this place! We were welcomed by the owner who just left us be an said when you want the keys to take out whatever you want just let me know. Awesome right! We looked around slowly on our own, and Finally! Yep! My wife found her car, a 2016 Elantra GT with automatic transmission in her favorite color,(Black) and in amazing condition. We took it out and loved everything but the front brakes. No Worries on that! Short story made shorter: We got a great deal and we love the car. It runs and drives like new! And it has new front brakes and rotors too! They will go above and beyond to make sure you feel good about your purchase at Maple Auto! Thanks gentlemen!! _Sarah and Tony.

Tony Cooper

a week ago

My husband & I bought a car here. Great customer service.


4 weeks ago

We purchased a low mileage 2013 Nissan Rogue from here on 3/1/21. Absolutely painless experience. Car has been excellent so far. During the test drive I noticed a couple of things that needed to be addressed and when we picked up the car, not only were those items addressed, but there were new brakes and rotors on all 4 corners. Overall this experience was excellent. Car came with a 30 day warranty on all safety related items and there was a 10-day return and walkaway guarantee as well. Carfax was presented to me as soon as I came to look at the car the first time. I will update in a few weeks once we have had some time with it, but so far we are very satisfied. Vehicle is like new inside.

Randy Bilyea

a month ago

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